It’s going to be a gradual process to compile an adequate list of relevant terms and abbreviations found in men’s rights and feminist literature, but I’ve made a start. Feel free to suggest further terms for inclusion.


ad hominem (definition) (example 1)  (example 2)


Agitprop (The 2019 Gillette campaign has been suggested as an example)


Antifa Supposedly militant anti-fascists

Apex fallacy The common feminist observation/argument along the lines of … most political leaders are male, so (all) men are privileged

Availability heuristic e.g. most politicians and billionaires are men = men are powerful

AWALT (All women are like that)


Bae Usually means partner or significant other

Baizuo A Chinese epithet meaning naive western-educated person who advocated for peace and equality only to satisfy their own feeling of moral superiority

Benevolent sexism Essentially a term used by feminists to denigrate traditional customs of male chivalry and good manners (wiki definition here)



Body-positive A sub-set of the feminist movement who preach blissful complaceny in relation to the value of sensible diet and exercise




Cognitive dissonance

Collectivism Many believe the feminist movement to be a clear example of collectivism (related article here)

Confirmation bias


Cuck/Cuckservative/Cuckriarchy ‘Cuck’ is the shortened version of the word ‘cuckold‘. The Wiki definition of a ‘cuckservative’ is here


Damseling A pattern of feminist behaviour that features appealing to institutional power, taking it for granted really, and then pleading powerlessness (Source)

DARVO means Deny Attack Reverse Victim and Offender. It summarizes a consistent reaction and manipulation tactic used by perpetrators of abuse. It works by shifting the focus away from the original issue and attacking the actual victim. It attempts to switch the role of victim and perpetrator to allow the actual offender to receive sympathy and compassion, and avoid consequences for their actions.

Destructivist An umbrella term created by writer Rick Bradford which includes wokeism, social justice, critical theory and post-modernism

Divorce rape A process that usually includes the removal of children and the confiscation of most of a man’s financial resources by his former partner and his/her legal advisers, as facilitated by a gynocentric legal system. This concept is discussed here, here, here and here)

Dogpile An emerging strategy to discredit/remove men who are celebrities and/or in positions of authority through lodging multiple complaints of inappropriate conduct (which may or may not be credible). In large organisations this has the added benefit of increasing the chance that a woman will be appointed to the newly-vacated position as the organisations seeks to be seen to address the ‘scandal’


Double-think means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them ― George Orwell, 1984

Doxing A form of online harassment involving the public disclosure of personal details such as name and address (example)

Duluth model (with MRA discussion here)





Fedora (a feminist put-down of an imagined sub-class of men described as “a particular kind of young, socially awkward “geek” male, frequently aligned with some of the more openly misogynistic regions of the of the internet”. (Source and further discussion)


Feminist (see ‘Grifter’)


Game (interpretation1)

Gamma Bias (interpretation 1) See also this presentation


Gender feminism (interpretation1)

Grifter (interpretation 1)

Gynocentrism (Article here)


Harpy (harpies)


Heteronormative Denoting or relating to a world view that promotes heterosexuality as the normal or preferred sexual orientation


Honey badger An enthusiastic female advocate for Men’s Rights

Hypergamy Female courtship strategy, including AF/BB and the practice of ‘marrying-up’ (Rollo Tomassi article) (Discussion thread) (Detailed discussion)

Hypoagency (meaning1)


Identity politics

Incel This is a pro-feminist definition of what is generally a ‘put-down’ for a white western male who is not supportive of feminism


Intersectional feminist (interpretation1)


Intra-sexual competition (see also pre-selection)







Logical fallacy


MAGA Make America Great Again

Male disposability 

Mangina (example)


Mansplaining Meaning1 | Articles on the topic here, here and here | Reddit comments on article



Meninist In practice this term is primarily used by feminists to denigrate men’s rights activists, and promote the false notion that men’s rights is a ‘me-too’ movement that seeks to emulate feminism.


MGTOW (Men going their own way) Meaning1

Milieu control

Misogyny (Reference) (Reference)

MRA/MHRA Men’s human rights activist (or advocate)


NAFALT (not all feminists are like that)


NAWALT (not all women are like that)

Neckbeard (derogatory term favoured by feminists to describe the imagined physical appearance of advocates for Men’s Rights. The corresponding term for feminists has been suggested as being ‘Legbeard‘)

NPC (A term that has been suggested to be a derogatory and is favored by some supporters of President Trump and various others)

NPD  or Narcissistic Personality Disorder




P4P There can be various meanings but in the gender rights context, it usually means ‘Pay for Play’ or ‘Pay for Pussy’ (i.e. prostitution)



Poe/Poe’s Law

Preference Theory (Catherine Hakim)

PUA (pick-up artist)

Pussy-beggar A man who routinely jettisons his self-respect in the (generally forlorn) hope of engaging in sexual activity with a women. ‘Nice’ guys & male feminists feature prominently among their ranks. 

Pussy pass (examples)



Red pill

Rinsing A form of financial abuse



Schrödinger’s rapist


Simp A foolish or simple person (example). Commonly used as a toned-down equivalent to the term ‘mangina’

Social Justice Warrior (SJW) (Also here)


Soy boy

Stare rape

Streisand Effect

SWERFS (Sex worker exclusionary radical feminism)


Tender Years Doctrine

TERF Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist (discussed in this thread)


THOT (That whore over there) A promiscuous woman

Toxic femininity and Setting the Record Straight on Toxic Femininity (



Uncle Tim (similar in meaning to ‘Mangina’) Also mentioned in this article


Virtue signalling

Vulgarian (example1) (example2)



White Knight (example1) (example2) (basis for this behaviour)


‘Women are Wonderful’ effect




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