Humour (at the expense of feminists)

Feminists and SJW generally have a well-earned reputation for completely lacking a sense of humour. He’s a few gems to get you chuckling at their expense. Enjoy.

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What could be easier than filling a petrol tank?




Female soldier fires an army cannon. Not

Get your very own ‘man-scripts’ (9 October 2019) Video

36 Stupid feminist questions answered (12 February 2016)

Get your ‘Feminism Is Cancer’ T-shirt at Milo’s online store

How to be married and not be murdered (19 November 2015)

Bill Burr explains why the media is focusing on the alleged social media threats to Jess Phillips MP (1 November 2015)

‘Femsteering,’ the crippling disability endangering our roads (9 January 2015)

How about playing a game of Ms. Monopoly?

A Bill Burr video on mansplaining (language warning) (May 2015)

This Bill Burr video addressed violence by women, with related Reddit discussion here

Married men and single men – The difference, by Bill Maher (29 September 2008) Video





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