International Conferences regarding Men’s Issues (2016 & onwards)

The 2016 International Conference on Men’s Issues

This was held in London, UK on 8-10 July, 2016. The program featured twenty speakers on a variety of issues pertaining to the welfare of men and boys.

For futher details see the web page for the conference

Further information about the conference can be found in both Mike Buchanan’s web site and the Voice for Men web site. In each case scan/search the side bar for articles about specific aspects of the conference, such as for example Paul Elam’s speech regarding gynocentrism. Other related material is available on Youtube such as this interview with Mark Pearson.

While there were no protesters at this conference, the media refused to provide coverage and the Facebook page for the organising group, A Voice for Men, was taken off-line during the conference.

Further, during the conference planning phase Amnesty UK refused to provide a venue for conference.

Good overview provided at ‘The men’s rights movement: A smart, necessary counterweight to man-hating feminism‘ (2 August 2016)

Better late than never, this article from The Guardian doesn’t disappoint being as it is, chock-full of the cherry-picking and feminist bile one expects from that publication

The 2017 International Conference on Men’s Issues

This was held in Australia on 10/11 June (details here). Here is a published review of the conference. As soon as the speakers addresses become available online I will post links either on this page or in a new blog post.

The 2018 International Conference on Men’s Issues

Apparently this conference was very successful with some final comments here. Videos of most or all of the presentations are now available free online – just google search to find them.

Birmingham Mail article on ICMI18: ‘Anti-feminist group BANNED from staging conference at St Andrew’s stadium by Birmingham City FC’ (2 November 2017)

See ICMI19

See ICMI20

Footnote (July 2022): I’m not planning to keep this post up to date as there are now many relevant fora being convened each year, and in several countries. I would suggest just google searching on relevant terms, and perhaps look in locations such as reddit men’s rights.