Oh here we go again … another hashtag craze. This time it’s #IfIWereABoy, and it’s discussed in this article and here it is on Twitter.

The people at reddit/r/mensrights (and here) have suggested wording for the banners that they think should be held up:

#IfIWereABoy…I’d probably be dead by now

#IfIWereABoy I’d collapse under the pressure of being held responsible for the consequences of my own decisions

#IfIwereaboy, I would be glad that I live in a country where there is no mandatory army service for boys.

#IfIwereaboy I would be scared to go to college in the US because I’d fear a girl would cry “rape” if I did as much as look at her.

#If I were a boy people would make fun of me for the job I love to do, namely being a nurse

#If I were a boy I’d still be in jail.

#If I were a boy I would see my children less.

#If I were a boy I’d had an idea about male socialization and social pressures.

#If I were a boy I wouldn’t hold up this sign.

#If I were a boy I’d be pretty pissed about the lack of empathy on these signs

#If I were a boy I’d probably have had my genitals mutilated at birth

#ifiwereaboy I’d be nine times more likely to die in a work related injury

#ifiwereaboy I’d be expected to work 30% longer hours for the same pay

With regards to the banners that feature in the article the folks have also suggested a number of interesting alternative perspectives for the ladies to consider. See reddit and elsewhere for further details