Advocating for men/boys online: How much benefit to be had in one-on-one interaction with feminists?

I notice many MRA’s spend what seems to be an inordinate amount of time trading barbs with feminists online. I’m curious as to why they bother.

My own online interactions with feminists and their allies have been singularly unproductive. They very rarely provide interesting alternative perspectives or leads to useful sources of information. Instead they offer a narrow and predictable range of ad hominem barbs and child-like taunts.

After these exchanges I get the feeling that I have achieved nothing more than diverting time and energy away from those other things that might have been tackled in the limited time available – for example, targetted lobbying, preparing submissions, etc. Occasionally I’ve also had to expend further time afterwards dealing with subsequent unfounded/exaggerated complaints to moderators, Facebook, etc.

It’s for this reason I prefer to contribute in public forums (e.g. online discussions of articles in MSM) where I try to raise awareness amongst the general public of specific mens issues, and of related sources of information.

But perhaps if we look at a couple of case-studies:

In this first example what began with a little banter in relation to one of my blog posts, ended with a door slam. mangina3

Followed soon thereafter by:


This second example demonstrated pretty much the same pattern as you can see in these few screen grabs:

Anyway I thought I’d take this opportunity to put the question to far more seasoned campaigners than I … once you add up all the time and energy spent dealing with individual feminists, is there a net benefit to be had? Were they interested in your facts? Have you won over any hearts and minds? Talked them out of feminism?


Or have you just found yourself, time and time again, switching off your laptop late for dinner … tired and frustrated and thinking there must be a better way?

2 thoughts on “Advocating for men/boys online: How much benefit to be had in one-on-one interaction with feminists?”

  1. There is no point debating with the wilfully ignorant. You wouldn’t seek to persuade someone who believes the earth is flat that in fact the earth is not flat, would you?

    If someone believes the planet is run by a species of shapeshifting lizards with two sets of independent eyelids, you wouldn’t try to ‘reason’ with them, would you?

    So why throw facts at someone who is convinced that the world is run by a secret conspiracy of men, and that ‘every day is international men’s day’? The wilfully ignorant will not be persuaded, but the vast majority of society are not bigoted, and are amenable to reasonable discussion.

    Leave John to his “testes bad/ovaries good” belief system. So many of these people seem to have interpreted Orwell’s work as a blueprint, rather than as a warning, it is better to cast your seeds elsewhere.

    So to speak 😉

  2. It is exhausting dispiriting and at times a waste of precious time and energy, but i usually have the neutral reader in mind rather than the person I am targeting. You will never have a feminist respond with anything other than lies , vitriolic abuse or censorship, however I have received private emails and FB messages from people thanking me for fighting the good fight or opening their eyes to certain issues.
    I wish I could let their lies and bile through to the keeper…oh the countless late nights, hammering away at the keyboards with clenched teeth and then tossing and turning in bed thinking of all the razor sharp retorts I should have made!

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