On being male or female (incl. innate differences, stereotyping and so on)

This blog post remains a work in progress, consisting as it does of a collection of links to external resources …

This first chart shows gender differences in a selection of medical conditions. The chart which follows shows gender differences in the incidence of five mental health conditions.



Parenting expert Maggie Dent leaves Kate Ritchie in tears in motherhood interview (16 October 2023) Now show me a MSM article where women are admonished for not appreciating male differences (and not simply judging & labelling them as elements of male toxicity.

Feminisation has consequences – Part I (13 April 2023)

Cuckoldry is a Beta Male Mating Strategy, by Rollo Tomassi (11 April 2023)

Unintended effects of transgender activism, by Peter Wright (2022) Interesting article that explores ways in which trans activism may provoke a tangential but potentially positive effect on men’s access to social support, participation and greater life options.

Why women are overly confident with themselves on the street, by Rollo Tomassi (26 July 2022) Video

Are Women and Men More Likely to “Punish” Male Cheaters? (20 October 2019)

Men aren’t defective women. They’re men (24 September 2019)

Female to male trans discover the reality of male privilege (February 2019) Video

The nature of sex, by Andrew Sullivan (1 February 2019)

“Sex differences in mate preferences, with women more set on earning capacity and men on physical attractiveness in the opposite sex, did not lessen in countries with greater gender equality” (5 December 2018) Link to Tweet

Men and women really do think differently, say scientists (13 November 2018)

Crossing the divide: Do men really have it easier? (20 July 2018) Interesting observations within the profiles of four people who transitioned from female to male

The Gender Equality Paradox (22 October 2017) Video

Stereotype that women are kinder and less selfish is true, claim neuroscientists (10 October 2017)

Jordan Peterson – Why Men & Women Are Very Different (26 August 2017) Video

Differences between Men and Women are Vastly Exaggerated (7 August 2017) Some interesting readers comments here

Bigger brains put men ahead of women in the IQ stakes, says research (2 July 2017)

Time to stop bickering and start understanding (4 May 2017) Addresses that popular line of attack against men … alleging that they are lazy with housework.

Mindfulness meditation helps women but not men, first study suggests (20 April 2017)

Social psychologist Roy Baumeister challenges bias (7 January 2017) Australia

Researchers’ sexism fears are putting women’s health at risk, scientist claims (29 November 2016)

Being A Man Is Harder Than You Think: 50 Men Explain Why (17 September 2016)

We Think Women Are Better People, But They’re Not (6 November 2016)

A PMS warning App (3 September 2016) Women have periods but men don’t. Some women experience mood swings and/or erratic behaviour prior to menses, which the people around them can better accommodate with due warning, for the benefit of all involved. This is sexist how exactly? Acknowledge an issue, manage an issue. PMS is not an invention of misogynists, it’s accepted as reality by most self-aware adults.

Feminism Is Its Own Worst Enemy (31 August 2016) with related Reddit discussion thread here

Why can’t women do pull ups? It’s a culture thing (16 August 2016)

New study: working longer hours harms women, but protects men (23 June 2016)

Gender equity can cause sex differences to grow bigger (21 June 2016)

“Why we’re glad the Matildas lost against a team of 15-year-old boys.” (27 May 2016) Related Reddit discussion thread here

The Myth of Female Rationality – Part 1 (10 February 2016) USA. I love Bob’s description of his moderation procedure, this guy has a handy turn of phrase.

Feminism, sex-differences and chivalry (7 February 2016)

Queens (17 August 2015) Feminists have often stated that throughout history men have caused all the wars (cue: toxic masculinity). This study explores the notion that female monarchs are left prone to conflict that male monarchs

Men have better sense of direction than women, study suggests (7 December 2015)

Why Males Are More Violent (undated)

Guardian: “men are pretty terrible people” piece is half right (30 October 2015)

Machiavellian Thinking vs. Conventional Logic (8 February 2015)

We’re socializing girls all wrong (5 October 2015) USA

New Study: Testosterone Changes the Brain (31 August 2015)

New study reveals Australian women more likely to lie on social media than men (5 August 2015)

Testosterone increases honesty (2012)

Violence does not come naturally to men and boys (5 June 2015)

War Against Human Nature: 100% Failure (11 May 2015)

On differences in male and female humour (9 May 2015)

My cannabis induced epiphany about men and women (9 May 2015)

‘B-But Gender is A Social Construct’ (15 March 2015) Youtube video with related reddit mensrights discussion thread

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV): Women ‘More Patient,’ Less inclined to war than men (18 April 2015) Reddit mensrights discussion thread and linked article

Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer’s “On Women” (15 April 2015)

Multitasking is scientifically impossible, so give up now (2 April 2015)

A Biology Professor Mansplains Why Women Are Superior. No Thanks (1 April 2015)

Could Jesus have actually been a woman? (1 April 2015) Because men don’t possess qualities like humility and compassion – so says this feminist author

Are men inferior to women? Let’s check the data , by Christina Hoff Sommers (30 March 2015) Video

Men are violent: Wrote this email to professor in response to a misandrist passage in a required textbook (31 March 2015)

Five Stupid Clichés About Women That Are Mostly True, by Janet Bloomfield (30 March 2015)

5 things women do better than men, by Janet Bloomfield (1 April 2015)

Why men aren’t ‘stupid’ and women aren’t ‘crazy’ (28 March 2015)

Boys will be boys? Yes, neuroscience shows: New technology highlights differences in development (2 October 2014)

How Gender Feminism became the new Creationism (18 December 2014)


FEMININITIES –Toxic Femininity (20 June 2013)

Men are exceptional (16 October 2014)

The Evolution of Culturally-Variable Sex Differences: Men and Women Are Not Always Different, but When They Are … It Appears Not to Result from Patriarchy or Sex Role Socialization (13 September 2014)

Reddit/mensrights discussion thread about the lived experience of someone who has lived as both a man and woman (September 2014) Further readers comments can be found here

2006 Self Made Man: Norah Vincent chooses Female Privilege over Male Privilege (17 November 2013) Youtube video and related reddit mensrights discussion thread Woman lives as a man for 18 months to see what it’s like

Camille Paglia 2013 video interview

The Mars and Venus question (2 August 2014)

This Accidental Experiment Shows The Superiority Of Patriarchy (5 April 2014)

The Crying Game, by Rollo Tomassi (26 February 2013)

Uuuuhhhh all girls' compliments are fake and their freindships are NOT like ours, funny and quirky! Source: trust me bro I have so many female friends : r/boysarequirky

Why don’t women ask men out of first dates? (30 April 2011)

Men Have Emotions, But Women Don’t Listen (14 January 2009)

Gender differences in behaviour: Activating effects of cross-sex hormones (1995)





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