Personal accountability? No thank you: An unpopular perspective re: claims of drink-spiking or similar


Here are some articles that appeared in the media from late 2021 to late 2022, with more available via google search:

Woman reveals she had her drink spiked while out in Cairns (2 December 2022)

Mchele babe: Woman in court for spiking man’s drink, robbing him (2 December 2022)

Brazilian influencer claims she was drugged, raped on date (5 January 2022)

Blood spots on British woman’s costume expose sinister trend (5 November 2021)

Women boycott UK bars and clubs to demand action on drink-spiking (28 October 2021) Hysteria is well underway

Shocking clip shows worrying ‘epidemic’ sweeping UK (25 October 2021)

UK sees increase in women being ‘needle spiked’ with date rape drugs (20 October 2021)

Students call for nightclubs boycott to ensure ‘spiking is taken seriously’ after reports of women being injected (20 October 2021) How about taking the notion of *evidence* seriously? Not one mention of any drug/s detected in girls bodies. Not one. That’s what some might call evidence of hysteria.

This Twitter stream lists extracts from a series of article in the ‘Liverpool Echo’, all unquestioningly accepting the relentless bogeyman meme.

I’m sure you’ve previously seen others with the same or similar theme … poor innocent women just wanting a fun night out but some creepy character (=guy) puts something in their drinks and they wind up doing something that they’d never do otherwise …

This Wiki item for ‘Date Rape Drug’ mentions various women who claimed to have been sexually assaulted after their drink was spiked, yet in almost all cases they were not found to have any drugs in their bodies.

See also this discussion thread and this video which provide further analysis of the issue.

Might it be that many women are exercising bad judgement and then, rather than accepting accountability for what subsequently occurred, look about for someone or something to put the blame on? If this was symptomatic of a broader trend re: women’s propensity to shift blame, then clearly there would be very considerable potential for false rape allegations to occur.

Here are some links to further related articles/papers:

Woman faces trial after club-goer sexually assaulted (21 March 2024) UK

‘When I came to, I was face down on a bed…’: The horrific truth about drink spiking and why it is still rising (16 January 2024)

What is needle spiking, and how can I protect myself? (7 December 2023)

Greater numbers of women are dying of alcohol-related conditions, study finds (1 August 2023)

Twitter thread on the topic of alleged drink-spiking (8 July 2023)

‘Obviously concerned’: Reports of drink spiking at historic high (29 October 2022) NSW, Australia

US sex worker jailed after drugging four male clients (28 April 2022)

‘Just The View’ laughing about secretly drugging men with pills to make them infertile (March 2022) USA video. Ah, but with men it’s different, right?

Girlfriend ‘murdered man by poisoning him with LAXATIVES and emptied £75,000 from his account as he lay in hospital’ (13 February 2022)

Did all those nightclub needle attacks actually never happen? Criminologist who’s studied the evidence casts doubt on reports of women being injected with date-rape drugs (21 November 2021)

A warning for men re: Notorious date rape drug (7 November 2021) Video

Three women who said they were spiked with needles on nights out were NOT drugged, police reveal (23 October 2021)

Hysteria Over Date Rape Drugs (15 June 2017)

GHB pharmacology and toxicology: acute intoxication, concentrations in blood and urine in forensic cases and treatment of the withdrawal syndrome (January 2015)

Spiked drinks with drugs an ‘urban myth’ (30 October 2009)

But thank goodness women don’t do stuff like that (oops, oh, wait …)

In fact I’d suggest that it’s entirely likely that there are more instances of drink-spiking by women – particularly with the intention of theft (first example here).

Fraud: ‘I had £18,000 stolen after my drink was spiked’ (4 December 2021) UK

Moment two women who promised a holidaymaker a threesome lead the weary man to a cash machine to empty his bank account after spiking his drink at a Spanish bar (19 March 2016)

In this hidden camera experiment a women is seen spiking her date’s drink – see how bystanders react. And here is yet another incident that found its way into the media.


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