Thank you Bev, whoever you are

Within the limits of the little free time available to me I try to keep abreast of media and social media discussions concerning gender-related issues. I also post readers comments from time to time.

I am sure I am not alone in thinking that readers comments are often far more informative and entertaining than many of the articles I read. And it’s doubly true when the author is a feminist.

In reading comments I sometimes recognise the names (real or assumed) of those posting their thoughts. Some of these names are familiar to me from their posting on reddit, on mens rights blogs, and from stumbling upon their own blogs or Facebook pages. But one is a bit of a mystery.

That reader, who signs off as ‘Bev’, pops up all over the place, by virtue of the large number of comments posted each week. Not just any old comments, but generally cordial, thoughtful and articulate comments. (Example here)

Anyway thanks for your contribution to raising awareness of the male perspective Bev. Your efforts are much appreciated. And to everyone else, maybe keep an eye out for Bev’s handiwork.

And thanks to all the other women who speak up in support of the welfare of men and boys. It’s really great to see not just the numbers of women who are prepared to expose themselves to the wrath of the feminist horde, but also the calibre of their input.



One thought on “Thank you Bev, whoever you are”

  1. Nothing annoys feminists more than women who refuse to blindly obey the self-appointed ‘leading feminists’ and form their own views instead. I find these truly free women are usually much happier and get far more respect from both men and women because they aren’t constantly looking for arguments and examples of ‘sexism’ everywhere.

    But of course, no news editor wants to rush out headlines screaming “Women treated fairly at workplace and paid fairly”.

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