The Australian 2021 Federal Budget through to the 2022 election

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Last night the Australian Treasurer, the Hon Josh Frydenberg MP presented his Budget speech 2021-22. Nothing has changed, and nothing will change in the near future. Women were handed substantial allocations of money, whilst men and boys essentially got nothing (in terms of dedicated gender-specific grants).

Sure enough, in his lengthy speech Josh mentioned the word ‘women’ 17 times. He mentioned the word ‘men’ once … and that being in condemnation:

On average women retire with less superannuation than men.

In addition there was an 80+ page ‘Women’s Budget Statement | Budget 2021-22‘, which was the first one produced since 2013.

According to various commentators the 2021 budget contained the following allocations for women & girls. Here are some excerpts:

“As Morrison seeks to repair his image with women, there is a range of measures on women’s safety, economic security, health and wellbeing totaling $3.4 billion.

This includes $1.7 billion for changes to child care, $351.6 million for women’s health, and $1.1 billion for women’s safety.

“We will help more women break into non-traditional trades, with training support for 5,000 places,” he said

There will be 2,700 places in Indigenous girls academies to help them finish school and enter the workforce.

More STEM scholarships will be provided for women. Another 5,000 places are being made available in higher education short courses.” (Source) See also this post in my blog.

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2021 Women’s Budget Statement 2021-labor-womens-budget-statement.pdf (

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3 thoughts on “The Australian 2021 Federal Budget through to the 2022 election”

  1. This is not only disappointing, but somewhat distressing…
    It is clear, despite so many opportunities to do so – and continuing to pour resources into encouraging females to follow through on the feminist gripes – that they don’t want to take up trades, that they are not interested in STEM… they are just waiting for more (apparently needed) quotas to become available to equalise the situation – and these quotas had better be as CEO or Senators, becuase nothing ele seems to be good enough otherwise…
    Even the budget reply by that sad, wet-lettuce so-called opposition party was all about social housing and women and THEIR children being prioritised for it…
    If you had just arrived in this country, with no previous knowledge, you would think that no woman was safe ever, anywhere, and that it was a 24/7 crisis for the vagina crowd…
    The constant bleating, special demands, victim-card playing tactics and inability to just contribute to society by the noisy minority is wearing so thin, and really, even good natured women are getting sick (even embarrassed) by it all… there will be not satisfying the drivers of this – those in academia and social services who have a vested interest in the DV and victim industry. Give them what they want, and they will want more.
    The feminists do this to themselves, but it is the rest of us that also suffer. Men are homeless too; men often times don’t have enough supper to retire on; men need support and recognition for their individual and collective efforts in society.
    Sadly, they have infiltrated key sectors such as media and use those opportunities to steer public discourse and control or set the narrative.

    1. Yes-it is infuriating. I would love to corner Morrison or any male politician from either side of the divide and let them know that 50% of their constituents have a penis and their disgusting bigotry has gone on for decades.

      You are right. Nothing will change. Neither side has any interest in helping men and boys as we are not going to march in the streets or get even one line in the media if we did.

      Male apathy and female entitlement is the perfect recipe for the gynocentric world we live in today.

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