And the most popular page in this blog is … #drumroll … The Marriage Strike and MGTOW

As at February 2022 this blog had attracted well over six million visits. The page entitled ‘The Marriage Strike and MGTOW‘ was one of the first posts created, and since that time (and right to the present day) it remains the single most popular page in this blog. Naturally I’m curious to know why. Mere speculation now follows …

I don’t know the gender ratio for those viewing the post but I suspect that the there would be fair number of both men and women, although with each being attracted for different reasons.

For men: As I mention in the post, many men are now having second, third and fourth thoughts about the wisdom of marriage with regards to its likely net benefits for them (if any). In terms of the quality of their future lives the decision might well be pivotal. With regards to their finances the decision might well be devastating, if not terminal.

For women: Well. Trying to be nice here. I continue to be appalled by the pervasiveness and perversity of feminism and its supporters. I continue to be appalled by the general lack of knowledge regarding almost every aspect of men’s lives possessed by the average ‘woman in the street’. On the other hand I am increasingly aware of, and impressed by, the growing presence of active female supporters of men’s/boys issues.

And further afield, I am also impressed by the increasing number of women who are questioning what they now perceive to be the unfairness with regards to how men and boys are being treated in society. At the very least they are sitting on the fence and listening and talking, rather than coming out with those shallow and ridiculous responses that we are so familiar with, like “so you hate women then?” or “misogynist!”.

An increasing proportion of women are, I suspect, recognising that the door is swinging shut with regards to how they have been endlessly spoilt and feted and their faults forgiven. MGTOW is (in the very broadest sense) becoming recognised as a shrug and curt wave goodbye that will see their hopes and dreams (albeit still clouded with uncertainty) retreating from them. If anything is going to get women/girls willing to spend time and energy to learn about men’s/boys lives and issues, then it is this threat of the increasingly likely/imminent curtailment or loss of life choices.




One thought on “And the most popular page in this blog is … #drumroll … The Marriage Strike and MGTOW”

  1. Can I add that women have been so invested in their causes, their perceived disadvantages in society and their own ’empowerment’ through social media that they have not bothered to notice that males have changed over the past generation… at the behest of the third wave feminists’ social experiments. Now these women realise they have been fed lies and sold up the river by their (single) mothers and the strong, brave & stunning role-models held up the sisters in academia, they are now out of sync with the progressive, modern male psyche. When men are hurt, abused, belittled and outright discriminated against just for the chromosomes they developed in-utero, then we are going to withdraw from the source of that pain. It is unhealthy to subject ourselves to continuing abuse. Men have feelings, and are lost and confused by, fixed and hurtful message. In the interests of self-preservation, they are withdrawing from many societal rituals or obligations. This is what women wanted, and now, they are unhappy that they got it. Not a problem for men to fix, especially when our help has been rejected previously. ‘You go girls!” – save society…

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