Women and the (military) draft

The fact that in many countries men are subject to mandatory national service, or at least to mandatory registration for conscription, is raised reasonably often in fora discussing men’s issues. There are a number of reasons why this topic is significant in the gender debate, particularly in terms of its historical significance.

Another more immediate reason is simply that this process is employed in the USA, and many of the participants in discussion fora are US citizens. As of January 2016 only US men aged 18-25 are required to register for ‘selective service’. Of course women are also subject to the same processes in some countries, just not nearly as many.

This issue has gained some prominence in the US recently, in part due to the impending Presidential election process. A related issue is the comparative performance of women actually serving in the military, and claims that this has led to a lowering of standards.

What finally prompted me to create a post on this issue was reading the following letter to the editor of the New York Times:

“I am a woman, a mother, a lifelong feminist and against the draft for women.

Exemption from the military draft for women is an essential part of our traditional societal compact: American women risk their health and very lives in pregnancy and childbirth to produce new American citizens. American men, in times of war, risk their health and lives to defend those women and children. Women who volunteer for military service are going commendably above and beyond the call of duty.

About 13 percent of American adults over all are veterans, including 24 percent of men and 2 percent of women. Compare that with the 80 percent of American women who become mothers.

We women already make a disproportionate contribution to society. That women uniquely risk death and long-term health problems to bear society’s children is not a cultural construct or a mutable gender role: It is a biological fact.

The ancient Greek playwright Euripides got it right when he had his heroine Medea say: “Men say that we live a life free from danger at home while they fight with the spear. How wrong they are! I would rather stand three times with a shield in battle than give birth once.”

We American women have given enough. Please do not take away America’s only tangible recognition of our sacrifice.”

And now sit back and take in the comments in a related reddit discussion thread.

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2 thoughts on “Women and the (military) draft”

  1. Women in the military.
    Women have done a wonderful job replacing the young males sent to war by older males.
    This has been so successful, I feel they can ease of a bit. We have a population explosion. We don’t need more babies. So forget the pain of childbirth, forget the hours of sleepless nights and give, give, give of motherhood . You are free, just like the young men and should fall in line to be shot at and killed. you will be given orders to kill anyone the politicians and their masters say should be killed.You may end up with mental issues for the rest of your life. You may come back wanting to kill anyone who crosses you, but hell that’s the equality you crave. Isn’ it?

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