‘Bristly woman’ campaign launch

ThinkNow Co-Founder and CEO, Ms Anne Dray and some of Australia’s biggest media, sporting and entertainment identities, were at quintessential CBD beauty and wellness destination Spa Gynocentrica on Friday 26 August to launch the new Bristly Woman campaign which challenges women to help end violence against children by going unshaven next month.

US actress Mo'Nique shows her legs as sh

Women perpetrate the overwhelming majority of child abuse and neglect and by going unshaven, ThinkNow asks women to raise awareness, generate conversation and become positive role models in the fight against violence towards children.

All funds raised during the Bristly Woman campaign contribute to preventative measures that address violence against children internationally but also in our home nation. The funds will support local social entrepreneurs in their networks, select projects through international aid agency ‘Boys First’ and a soon to be announced Australian partner.

Over 100 guests attended the launch including some of the 2014 Bristly Woman ambassadors such as comedian, Gana Beethim, media personality Kitty Hope, Logan NC captain Tegan Wally, musician Mary Hardman and Ballarat Dragons player, Sallyanne Hitz.

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