Hateful conduct says Twitter – You be the judge


I asked Twitter to reconsider their initial judgement, but they came back and confirmed their decision. I haven’t had an issue with them before, and I can’t see even a hint of hate here. Well, not unless the reader was a male feminist or something nasty like that. What do you think? I’m all ears

Here’s a link to the blog post mentioned in the screen-save provided above.


2 thoughts on “Hateful conduct says Twitter – You be the judge”

  1. Expect that most of the major social media platforms who have built their revenue models on advertising will all conform to the same censorship forces – the self-appointed keepers of our modern morality… you obviously triggered a key word in their surveillance mechanisms. Look at how Twitter has now proudly joined the GARM, a WEF associated entity. The claim it is for our safety, but we all know it is to stifle debate and quell criticism.

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