Moderator zaps post, but for once it wasn’t (just) mine

Some of you may have read my earlier post about censorship and bias at a publicly-funded pro-feminist web site called The Conversation. I’m chuffed to see that post has attracted quite a lot of hits.

On 19 March 2015 they published an article entitled ‘Remove the burden of family violence from the victims, to the courts‘.

A comment contributed by one of their feminist readers struck a chord. It was pretty awful really.


And so I did something that I don’t recall having done before … I complained to the moderator:

“My main concern with Barbara’s comment was her unsubstantiated assertion that many of the people expressing concerns about the gender-bias in the debate surrounding domestic violence are perpetrators of abuse. This is an outrageous claim that is gender bigotry pure and simple. It is is like me saying that feminists are closet paedophiles because they remain silent about the now large numbers of female teachers who are caught having sexual relations with underage students. Hers was a completely inappropriate and inflammatory comment”

And lo and behold … Barbara’s post was consigned to the rubbish bin of history.

I can just imagine the gritted teeth of the resident white knight/SJW moderator as he pondered my request. But then, overcome with righteous fury, it appears he resolved to teach me a lesson. Something along the lines of “There’s no way I’m going to let this uppity MRA get away with this.”

And so it came to be that I was simultaneously advised:

Your comment on ‘Remove the burden of family violence from the victims, to the courts’ has been removed …  For your reference, the removed comment was:

“Rob, I haven’t read your report yet (but will do so shortly), so the following comment is based on what I’ve read in the media. It appears that your report talks about the need for more & better intervention and behaviour modification programs for perpetrators, but that your recommendations in this regard are limited to male perpetrators.

Can I ask why you would not adopt a gender-neutral approach in this regard and have programs that catered for both male and female perpetrators. I mean, it’s not as though there are so few violent women that we can afford to just wave them away.

Indeed I understand that the rate of increase in violent crime by women is exceeding that of men in many jurisdictions. See

As you can see, it was shamefully triggering stuff. To your average gender feminist anyway. And so I joined Barbara in the rubbish bin of history.



More feminist soliloquy interspersed with awkward pauses, than ‘conversation’ really.

I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to know that my tax dollars are helping to maintain this charade.

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