My daughter is an MRA, I had raised her on feminist values, I didn’t even let her father corrupt her, why is she becoming anti-feminist?

Some people position themselves at the front of social waves, some at the rear, whereas many are but sand grains on the beach. This women is one of the former group. Good on her. She’s a #WaveOfTheFuture

“You “didn’t let her father corrupt her”. That sentence sums up feminism perfectly.

As a woman who’s mother was a staunch feminist who raised me in the midst of Women’s Lib Movement, I’ve seen my fair share of corruption, injustices, lies, and destroyed lives in the name of feminism.

As a black woman, lesbian, and an egalitarian I will never again identify as a feminist. And yes, I would go so far as to call myself an anti-feminist.

More and more women are seeing feminism for what it is – a deluded, authoritarian, gynocentric, female supremacist movement that doesn’t believe in the equality of opportunity, equity, or justice. It never has!

Modern feminism does not speak for or stand up for the majority of women in our society; where the majority of women in our society ”thankfully” refuses to follow the cult of feminism.

More and more of us see feminism for what it is and are moving away from the movement.

In a gynocentric society where feminists systematically misrepresent history as gendered oppression, rather than the oppression of the many of both sexes by the few of both sexes.

In a gynocentric society where feminists are constantly revising history and the facts to fit their agenda… Actively denying the evil that feminism has caused throughout history and falsely potraying themselves as defenders of justice who “supposedly” implement positive change to improve lives for all people throughout society.


* both sexes had to fight for the vote;

* both sexes had to fight to be educated;

* both sexes had to fight for fair wages;

* etc…

Feminism has nothing to do with equal rights – it scornfully neglects the disadvantages that pertain to men and boys, whilst it kicks down so many doors that are already wide open for women and girls.

It’s no wonder then that just 26 per cent of people in the US would call themselves a feminist, including just 34 per cent of women.

A similar disjunct was apparent in a U.K. poll commissioned by the Fawcett Society as part of its sex-equality report in early 2016. It found that a measly seven per cent of people from the U.K. call themselves feminists – rising to just nine per cent of women. And yet, 70 per cent of the respondents identify as egalitarian (not feminists) and support the equality of opportunity, equity, and justice for men and women.

But according to feminists, “us silly women who don’t want to associate with feminism just don’t get it.”

I’d argue the main reason why so many of us are not interested in feminism is that it does not seek to make women free. Instead, it treats women as vulnerable and in need of protection from the outside world. In recent years feminists have called for denying free speech and in the name of protecting the diluted ideology of the cult of feminism (not women).

Worse still, contemporary feminism has the feel of a religious sect and cult, whose followers want to maintain a sense of moral superiority. Like any zealous cult project, feminists do not tolerate dissent.

For instance:

* Any woman who raises concerns about the witch-hunt nature of feminist campaigns like #MeToo, #BelieveAllWomen, etc.

* Any woman who raises questions regarding feminist corruption and feminist involvement in creating a lucrative multi-billion pound/dollar industry out of divorce, child custody, domestic abuse, homelessness, suicide, and general human suffering.

* Any woman who is shouted down for disagreeing with feminism and told she is suffering from ‘internalised misogyny’, ‘internalised discrimination’, etc.

* Any woman who raises questions about the white middle-class orientation of feminist campaigning.

* Any woman who suggests that perhaps we should celebrate the fact that women and girls in the West are doing pretty well nowadays – we’re doing far better than most men and boys.

* Etc…

One thing is clear: feminists do not speak for most women.

Today’s feminism is not just hostile to freedom, it is also scared of free, independent, and strong women – in a society where the vast majority of those strong women don’t believe in feminism.”

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