My submission to the Australian government’s 2023 Human Rights Inquiry … wherefore art thou?

Have you ever seen a feminist online advocating that those promoting the welfare of men and boys should spend less time criticizing feminism, and more time doing things to help men & boys? Yes? Well let’s take a look at an example of what happens when you seek to provide a positive input …
In early June 2023 I emailed a submission to the Inquiry into Human Rights now being conducted by the Australian Government. Note that the deadline for submissions was 1 July 2023, so I had gotten in well before time. I then sat back waiting for my submission to be accepted by the Inquiry and published on their website. Once this occurs I’m able to also provide a copy here in my website, this being in accordance with the Inquiry’s guidelines:
“After a submission is received by a committee, you cannot publish or disclose it to any other person unless or until the committee has authorised its publication. You cannot share your document until you hear from the committee that it can be published” (Source)
My submission remained unpublished as of 2 August 2023, and so I sent the following email:
Attn: Chair of Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights

“My submission to the current Inquiry has been with the Secretariat for two months now.

I appreciate the earlier advice from them regarding the large number of submissions that had been received, and the time taken to process them. 
Indeed I note that 185 submissions are now listed on your website. Most of these submissions were, however, presumably lodged subsequent to my own. I am somewhat puzzled by this as it would seem that processing the submissions in the order in which they were received, would be the fairest and most impartial approach to take.
Would you kindly confirm when I might anticipate my submission appearing online? Would you also please advise when further details regarding the proposed Brisbane forum will be made available?
Thank you for your assistance with this matter.

On 4 August 2023 I was advised as follows:

“Thanks for your email. As my colleague mentioned, the processing of submissions is a manual one and each submission is considered individually. Publication of submission is ongoing, and will continue in the coming weeks.

Arrangements are also underway in relation to the Brisbane hearing, and further details will be published on the committee’s webpage prior to the hearing.”

That’s right, zero mention of the issue of the method of ordering re: the processing of submissions, nor was a date provided as to when my submission would appear online.

Why don’t they remove all doubt and simply state that if people choose to be critical of the current priorities of the Australian Human Rights Commission, then they shouldn’t even hope to have input into future policy formulation.

Hey, maybe I’m wrong. I hope I am. Let’s see shall we?

Update as of 15 August 2023: I attended a portion of today’s meeting in Brisbane during which I spoke to the Secretariat. I was (again) told that they would try to process my submission in the next 2-3 weeks. I have just written to the Chairman of the Inquiry expressing my disappointment.)

And thus the saga continues

2 thoughts on “My submission to the Australian government’s 2023 Human Rights Inquiry … wherefore art thou?”

  1. “…each submission is considered individually.” – controlling the narrative with value judgements is censorship.
    I presumed that all submissions meeting the guidelines and other criteria (date, format etc.) would be accepted and published accordingly – and members of the Inquiry would then be more fully informed by as many points of view expressed by as many contributors as possible – i.e. a wide ranging and comprehensive data set… But this sounds like those other types of reports written by academics seeking funding from the report ‘sponsor’ – the answer / outcome / conclusion is already agreed, they just find the ‘evidence’ to build THAT case and put themselves beyond reproach… and the findings are accepted and endorsed by the same incestuous squeaky wheels.
    Although, this ‘Inquiry into Human Rights’ still has that fetid odour of ‘censorship’ to it…

  2. I’m commenting because I sent an enquiry to Australia Humans Rights commission.. Canberra.. casually via Facebook. Their Bot told me to go to the webpage.. which at first I was not understanding what to do.. but in the end I did it.. anonymously… I submitted my ‘query’ and still waiting. I had a go at them on Fbook telling them they were a waste of money…
    My query: as a citizen, whose superannuation is controlled by Australian Government = Politicians and not living in Australia for 8 years, I cannot vote anymore.. so my query was: I have had my Human Rights to ‘democracy’ removed???

    I wrote to Albanese about this earlier and was told I could submit a ‘submission’ and in the end ‘parliament’ included my email.. without my permission. in their submissions..

    I’m just trying to push their buttons, really… I knew I couldn’t vote, BUT.. all this talk about ‘rights’ and ‘democracy’.. to me it is just sh*t…
    but I feel there will be a big explosion and things will/are changing.. slowly…
    oh, I’m only an Australian Citizen.. no other country… yet!!
    But one thing is for sure to me, living overseas has taught me that once you are out of their sight.. they do not give a F….

    But people in Australia have no idea.. truly… no idea… what it is like.. I want to end with. I live a good life actually and I’m a philosopher or sorts and an activist of sorts.. nothing major.. just learning and changing.. but some of my friends, have no idea… if you get my point…. not that I’m superior.. but one starts to see things differently… oh,,, and being part of the Commonwealth.. has given me ‘nothing’… if I was part of the EU, yes.. maybe… it is a big commercial enterprise that normal citizens will learn over time.. the Commerce is first for Governments.. not citizens…

    Good luck!!!

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