Seeking a news source without feminist bias

I came across this fellow’s plea whilst web surfing the other day, and thought it was quite a good question:

“Is there a news source that doesn’t have a pro-feminist bias?

I order “The Week” and most magazine issues have at least one article discussing a women’s issue; 50-70% of the issues discussed are either non-existent, highly exaggerated, or are only looking at the female side where the issue can affect anybody, and I have yet to see a single men’s issue being discussed in that magazine. I’ve been getting issues of that magazine for about two years now. I’m stopping my order as soon as I can, but I’m still going to have to deal with this crap with EVERY news source except …..?
And I don’t want a source that is specifically anti-feminist, and I don’t want a republican source like Fox News either.”

The question has only attracted two answers thus far, but ‘Elana’ responded as follows:

“I think you’re going to find it very difficult to find something without bias unless it avoids a subject entirely.

Really the only way you can do it is by reporting lots of different points of view and how it effects lots of different people.

My problem with feminism has always been that it NEVER reports what effects its policies has on men. I’ve never thought that women don’t need advocacy – they most certianly do – but to claim that feminism is all about equality and THE ONLY people who are all about equality, when in fact they are nothing more than a rather single minded advocacy movement for women – makes them dangerous.

At least MRAs point out what they are doing and why.

As MRAs gain traction, I’m 100% positive we’ll be muttering the same things about them, but right now, the vast majority of them, at least in the West, are fighting an uphill against court systems, political systems and media systems that are singularly feminist.”

Can anyway offer up any further suitable sources?


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