The Queensland government again demonstrates its ‘why bother about men?’ attitude

Their ABC presented us with a telling headline yesterday (29 April 2021):

Queensland’s domestic violence taskforce head wants to hear women’s stories of reporting abuse‘ (Source)

It began with “The head of a Queensland domestic violence and justice taskforce says women’s experiences reporting abuse to police will be looked at as part of the wide-ranging review, more than a week after the horrific deaths of Kelly Wilkinson and Lordy Ramadan”.

Queensland has had one or more DV task forces before, plus several inquiries, but they still need to hear from Queensland women. (Read about those previous inquiries here). Men, just wait, your turn will come … err … later.

The article went on to mention the names and brief details of some women who were killed in DV-related circumstances. No male victims rated a mention.

It then went on to talk about another possible initiative, women-only police stations. Talk about being seen to be doing something … whilst conveniently pandering to the feminist lobby.

This is not even part-way to being ‘good-enough’. It’s a pathetic embarrassment.

Newsflash: At least one in three victims of domestic abuse are male. You can’t possibly arrive at a workable solution to this violence and abuse by ignoring all the facets that don’t sit comfortably well with the prevailing feminist framework. And thus we haven’t. Just continual shrill calls from the feminist lobby for ‘more please sir’. More taxpayer dollars that is.

And finally they call for public submissions. The closing date for submissions on the discussion paper is 9 July 2021. The Terms of Reference are noted here.

I note that only two out of the eleven Task Force members are male, with participants drawn from academia, the public service, and the domestic violence industry.

And yes, I plan to prepare a submission, as I hope you will too.

See also:

Queensland domestic violence taskforce proposes 13 changes to legislation including electronic monitoring ( (27 May 2021)

2 thoughts on “The Queensland government again demonstrates its ‘why bother about men?’ attitude”

  1. Domestic violence, especially against women, is at an all time historical minimal. This ‘ant-women violence epidemic’ is just another distraction shrill cry from feminists who strive at tax payers cost to distract society from the true insidious nature of women who want to push men into the lowest class tier of society. They distract us from family courts bias against men, its financial abuse and crippling burdens without his thoughts or options allowed to exist. (just another friend of mine has had his daughter removed from his world. The mother has run off to Queeensland , without his knowledge , not allowing any contact with her while the mother continues to receive his money by court appointment).

    What about the sexist behaviour promoted by feminists in the workplace where companies are employing women in roles to do less than the men do and whereby men must go to assist them whenever they require. The males workplace performance statistics are eroded by assisting the females and no compensation or consideration for males now having to carry their own workload as well as the females . THe females get the same pay for less effort and performance.

  2. Thanks for links to taskforce documents. I am following this and not only intend to make a submission (I have lived experience of coercive control from multiple female partners) to the “taskforce”. I intend to formally complain to the The Queensland Human Rights Commission for the gender bias in the announcement, press releases, documents and intent.

    I will also be sharing the information and links on other fathers and parents pages

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