The top 16 posts in this blog in 2015

The following blog posts have been ranked in order of decreasing popularity based on visitor numbers for the period Jan-Dec 2015:

1 – Table of Contents

2 – The ‘Marriage Strike’ and MGTOW (this post has consistently been the most-read post in my blog since it was first created)

3 – How men are portrayed … Haw Haw Haw! The jokes on us

4 – Addressing systemic gender bias in the WA Department for Child Protection and Family Support

5 – On the inability to cope with criticism in a mature manner (You disagree with me = You hate women)

6 – Readers at ‘The Conversation’ call for an end to feminist bias and censorship (domestic violence)

7 – ‘Our Watch’: DV advocacy or shrill mouthpiece for gender feminism?

8 – Feminist efforts to shut down, disrupt and/or denigrate the 2014 Conference on Men’s Issues

9 – About this blog

10 – Western men with Asian women: Gender relations through a different frame of reference

11 – On gender traitors, white knights and manginas

12 – On false accusations by women against men

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