Women in Engineering scholarship query

On Saturday 22 October 2022 I sent two emails to an Australian tertiary educational institution regarding financial assistance and support programs that they provided to female students. Here is the first one that I sent:

“Good morning

I have just come across your scholarship at https://www.qut.edu.au/study/fees-and-scholarships/scholarships/women-in-engineering-scholarship

Would you please confirm that there is no corresponding Men in Engineering scholarship. Assuming that there is not, would you kindly advise why a scholarship is maintained for women as it would seem to be inconsistent with current consensus regarding gender equality. I look forward to hearing back from you in due course.”

On 24 October 2022 they duly replied:

“Dear Mr. X,

QUT strives to create an equal, equitable and diverse teaching and research environment that is fully inclusive for all people. We are not a complete community until all individuals are included and afforded opportunity, regardless of their backgrounds, characteristics, beliefs and circumstances.

The Gender Equity and Diversity in STEMM Action Plan reflects QUT’s long-term commitment to addressing the under-representation of women, trans and gender-diverse people in STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine) disciplines.

Based on this action plan, women in engineering scholarship are committed to support people who identify as a woman, and increase the number of graduating female engineers, which at the moment is only 15% of all of the engineering students. This scholarship will help build a cohort of female future leaders in engineering professions.

However, there are other ongoing scholarships, that students who are not identifying as women are able to apply:

QUT – Find a scholarship

Kind regards

Engineering engagement team”

The second email I sent was similar, but was sent to the university’s ‘Discrimination, Diversity and Inclusion Manager’ and focused on one particular page in their website. Should I receive a response then I will post a copy on this page. (Postscript: As it’s now 14 November, I think we can safely assume that nil response will be forthcoming)

Let’s see where this discussion leads us … (to be continued)

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3 thoughts on “Women in Engineering scholarship query”

    1. Yes indeed. And in fact their diversity and inclusion program might even accommodate others … folks who may not identify as female but rather are inclined towards often feeling a bit ‘namby-pamby’. I will research this further and attempt to confirm.

  1. In a similar vein to the other comment, today, when I feel like applying for a Scholarship, I am also feeling brave, stunning and somewhat like a queen… I want it all… and seeing as the woke generation (a wholly owned subsidiary of fourth wave feminism it seems) have given me the loophole, (and at the risk of hurting my ‘feelings’) that they cannot rescind – gender fluidity… I am a women today, as I apply for my scholarship… might ‘feel’ different tomorrow, and identify as a something else, but that is now my prerogative, my right – possibly my duty as a boomer – to show that I am a reformed Patriarch… util I identify as a cranky old man, and start shouting at those blue haired kids to get off my lawn… but the game of ‘inclusiveness’ should have room for me and my grumpiness too, right? I just wonder if I also get men buying me drinks at the student bar if I am a ‘female’ at that moment in time?

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