Women’s Economic Opportunities Review (NSW Treasury)

“The Review will consider how to improve women’s economic security through increased economic participation over the next 5-10 years. 

Your ideas will help inform and refine the next steps taken towards improving women’s economic opportunities. This is an important occasion to have a direct voice about the changes you want to see in your community and our society.​” (Source)

More details are provided in the media release here.

The deadline for public submissions for this enquiry is 6 March 2022.

If you’re content to see the economic welfare of men and boys now routinely disregarded then there’s no need to bother having your say.

A copy of my submission now follows:

Submission to the Women’s Economic Opportunities Review (New South Wales)

I note that “The Women’s Economic Opportunities Review will consider how to improve women’s economic security over the next 5 – 10 years, including through increased participation in the workforce. 

The review will identify barriers to women’s participation in work and propose reform opportunities to address structural and non-structural barriers to support women to enter, re-enter and stay in the workforce.” (Source)

Elsewhere I note that “The next NSW budget will splash cash on fixing women’s inequality in the economy as a way of lifting the state out of the financial shock of the pandemic and the recent omicron surge.

Improving access to childcare and reworking school hours – something flagged by the government last year – are among the items that may be addressed in June’s budget.

Premier Dominic Perrottet has not promised a blank cheque but says the government will implement what it can of recommendations of a state review into boosting economic opportunity for women in NSW.” (Source)

I thought that one quick and easy, albeit imperfect, gauge of the NSW’s Government position regarding gender would be to look at what posts I have created in my blog in relation to gender issues. A relevant listing is available at https://www.fighting4fair.com/?s=nsw. The tone of the matters I discuss in those posts seems to paint the NSW Government as being overtly pro-feminist, and with little or no interest in recognition and support for men and boys and the issues they face. Have a look and see what you think, but the balance seems to lean rather heavily towards gynocracy rather than gender equality to me.

As a consequence I am assuming that the NSW Government has no intention of pursuing a corresponding and similar process in relation to men’s economic opportunities. I hope that one day it will pay more than mere lip service to the notion of gender equality, and do so.

The information that I would like to present in relation to each of your designated outcome areas (for women) now follows.

Early childhood education reform and care

On boys and education
No place for feminist propaganda in our schools or universities’, and
Is child abuse a gendered crime too?’

Equity and respect at work

Harassment and discrimination in business and the workplace: Surprise, surprise, it goes both ways

Recruitment bias favours hiring female staff

On affirmative action and the imposition of gender quotas’, and

Organisations with women at the helm perform better (so they say)

Economic security for women

When banks divert from banking to social engineering
Achieving personal financial security is important for everyone. Dodgy research helps no-one’, and
On taxation and the ‘Female Economy’’

On the basis that your agency has chosen to completely disregard the interests and the welfare of one half of the community (in this case, men and boys) then I anticipate that you would support my right – in the context of this submission – to do likewise. Looking towards the future … I suggest losing the unfortunate ideological bias and trying to do better. For all our sakes.

And finally, a few parting words and diagrams regarding the male perspective:

For every 100 women

#GenderEqualityWhenItSuits: A submission to the Review of the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012
Re-instatement of the Women’s Budget Statement in Australia? Bring it on, but consider men too
Prediction: No college graduation speaker will mention the 29% 'gender  college degree gap' for the Class of 2018 | American Enterprise Institute -  AEI

3 thoughts on “Women’s Economic Opportunities Review (NSW Treasury)”

  1. “I want to make sure a girl born today has the same opportunities as a boy born in the hospital room next door, which has not been the case for their mothers and grandmothers before them.”
    Minister for Women Bronnie Taylor.

    I’m not sure the minister will want the falling grades at school and lower participation at University, that males are having currently.
    Regarding trades
    There is little interest from women in working in traditional hard and dirty trades. And why would they, it’s bloody awful work. But someone has to do it.

  2. I was thinking of getting a boob job, and becoming an influencer… that is real work, it takes someone strong, brave and stunning to do that kind of job…
    I suppose my 5AM alarm clock signalling my male privilege (to get up, leave home in the dark, and keep society functioning) will no longer be needed.

  3. Having read the media release, one question arises… seriously, where does one start in trying to un-stupid some people…? What can you say to these people who already seem to have their hobby horse saddled and ready to ride? I know from past experience that they will deny that there is another narrative at all, that facts are fluid and only their facts are the real ones, and as for projecting out to 2060… humans may be living in a ‘Mad Max’-like society by then, and childcare and workforce participation will be the least of the problems for the hunter / gatherers (when men will be sent out on dangerous missions to gather resources, whilst the females will be more than happy to stay in the relative safety off the home group and wait for the men to return with the supplies… try intersecting feminism with the apocalypse and it soon loses the argument…

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